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Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer Services

For 35+ years, Compliance4 has provided outsourced compliance officer services to investment advisers, companies, funds, boards, and managers.

What is a Chief Compliance Officer?

A Chief Compliance Officer oversees a company's compliance with external regulations, laws, and internal compliance policies and procedures. They have extensive experience in overseeing regulatory filings, conducting risk assessments, providing compliance support, a solid code of ethics, and implementing compliance training programs. They also manage and lead internal audits, regulatory examinations, and investigations. They have quarterly and yearly reviews with the boards to ensure alignment with the company's compliance goals.

Outsourced CCO for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) can stay compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements by leveraging Compliance4's expert outsourced chief compliance officer service. As your outsourced cco we complete your form adv and manage compliance issues that may arise. Peter Guarino, our compliance officer, helps investment advisers follow rules and standards in the finance industry.

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Outsourced CCO for Investment Companies

By working with Compliance4 for our extensive Chief Compliance Officer outsourcing service, Brokers, ETFs, Investment Funds, and Hedge Funds can uphold adherence to international legal and regulatory standards. Our compliance professionals provide customized solutions to guarantee your firm's ongoing compliance with changing regulatory and compliance requirements, offering you tranquility and enabling you to concentrate on your primary business goals.

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Our Chief Compliance Officer

With over 35 years of global legal and compliance experience, Peter Guarino is the chief compliance officer you need.

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Electronic Communications

Our team specializes in the comprehensive review of electronic communications, ensuring that your firm meets all necessary compliance standards for electronic correspondence in rule 206. We provide thorough assessments, offering guidance on effective electronic communication practices and ensuring regulatory compliance in all communication channels.

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Compliance Check-Up

Get a thorough evaluation of the operational effectiveness of select policies and controls with our Compliance Health Check-Up service. Our experts conduct detailed assessments to identify any gaps or weaknesses in your compliance program, offering actionable recommendations to enhance your firm's overall compliance framework.

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Social Media Compliance

Ensure your firm's compliance with social media regulations and best practices with our dedicated Social Media Compliance and Consulting services. We provide comprehensive reviews and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of rule 206, safeguarding your firm from potential regulatory risks and ensuring responsible online engagement.

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Request a Consultation

Receive a consultation with our chief compliance officer Peter Guarino and get actionable advice.

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